Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chill out time

Iv been on chill out time away from weddings for the past few weeks and its been great fun.....iv had some random shoots and here a select few from my past month I have always been meaning to do more dorset landscapes......of which i thought would be a project for the past year turns out it will be a life time project because i never get off my ass to take any....so i gave up a friday night of drinking n took this photo in pitch black at corfe castle.....def worth it though Corfe Castle I also had a beach shoot with a mates Gym........lots of fun in the sun DONOTPRINT-Beach-Tim-Churchill-3 I done a Roller derby profile shoot for all the girls for there site as well.........there will be a seperate blog post with these photos on but that will have to wait until there site goes live but for now heres two of my faves so far! 3 1 Back to the beach i had a family photo shoot..............lots of fun in the sun again......it never gets old that place Beach-HighRes-Tim-Churchill-73 Beach-HighRes-Tim-Churchill-17 Beach-HighRes-Tim-Churchill-63 I also had a photoshoot with my mates niece Brooke..... Brooke Too finnish off here's a photo of mr robin who tried to sneak up at paultons park last weekend............ web (5 of 5) I hope you liked this post....ill be sure to post up more pics when i take them!!!! nearly wedding timeeee. wooooop

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