Thursday, 19 June 2014

Mark & Katy

The best thing about doing this job is that I love how individual every wedding is. I just love unique twists on everyones special day........this twist was a bit of an obvious one. As soon as Mark & Katy said we have Storm trooper helmets and a Darth Vader helmet for a shoot on the day i got all excited like a school boy and i am chuffed to say the photo came out perfectly how i wanted it to :-) WEB-katymark-credit-TimChurchill (491 of 1163) Obviosly the day didnt start like that so here the bridal prep :-) swarsblog_credit-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-8 swarsblog_credit-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-6 swarsblog_credit-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-4 swarsblog_credit-TimChurchill (1 of 1) (2) IMG_2403 IMG_4628 IMG_4669 IMG_4675 IMG_4695 IMG_4758 IMG_2526 IMG_4883 IMG_4850 IMG_2588 IMG_2583 IMG_5013 894595_10151982330255997_3719194096979383883_o IMG_4927 IMG_2957 IMG_3021 IMG_5456 IMG_5490 IMG_5392 IMG_5345 IMG_5430 IMG_5555 IMG_5568 IMG_5772

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Mark Tew said...

Tim, What can I say ???

Words can not express how happy I am at the quality of your photos.

You have captured the very essence of how we felt on the day. I Love these Photos!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

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