Sunday, 6 November 2016

Poole Guildhall Wedding Photography, Dorset, UK. Amanda & Matt

One of the Perks of my job is photographing people who i Know. I worked with both Amanda & Matt at my last job before i gave it up to pursue photography full time. They got Married at the awesome Poole Guildhall.
The suppliers to this wedding are as follows. The photos speak for themselves for the standard of work they produce. Top job guys!
Flowers New Street Flowers
Static Hair
Make up
 photo MattampAmanda-1-50_zpsqjtbr2rb.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-4_zpsqhicnh8l.jpg photo MattampAmanda-1-8_zpsprguxsrx.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-7_zpsjzkyb7ta.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-10_zpsxhvx4798.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-13_zpsyvj5c2qu.jpg photo MattampAmanda-1-12_zpsznhcicyn.jpg photo MattampAmanda-1-16_zps3pxljhwm.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-17_zpsogr0efhs.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-18_zpswdvnodh1.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-19_zpscogd2dxw.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-20_zps6dlmdzj3.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-21_zpsgftlubri.jpg photo MattampAmanda-1-24_zpskj38awr8.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-26_zpskfrhaexv.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-27_zpsvtiqcf9k.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-30_zpsisbibbyw.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-29_zpsw1mfjcno.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-34_zpse2f52esg.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-38_zpscsspadml.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-39_zpsbnxdogj4.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-40_zpsuao8wnb0.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-42_zps7rglikkg.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-43_zpsm4q3h4ok.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-64_zpsv1lsxzkt.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-44_zps0tehkayu.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-46_zpsnctbtmxr.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-47_zpsrmqeoh5m.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-48_zpsdxs66v16.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-49_zpspfntccpw.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-51_zpsfqfbkxe1.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-55_zpsxpljlacb.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-61_zps0my2rwrb.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-56_zpsck5uayiw.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-71_zpsefgghcnx.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-69_zps6tmxsaeh.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-67_zps6a4yfex9.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-68_zps0aa2kajq.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-59_zpswc7zcn3c.jpg  photo MattampAmanda-1-63_zpsyogi6qni.jpg
big thanks to greg for helping me ! :D
 photo MattampAmanda-1-32_zpscoppmbpn.jpg  photo 14939357_10153839038295997_5223574544468312582_o 1_zpsie95ufbb.jpg

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