Thursday, 9 February 2012

Home Studio shoot & Roller Derby

Well.......I keep on neglegting this blog.............maybe as i am reeeealy busy with actualy taking photos n not blogging....haha.....aaah well anywho recently iv been photographing lots of people Since moving into my flat iv managed to make some space and im now able to set up a mini studio where i can just about get away with photographing up to four people :) tis a squeze but it does the job............Heres Lucy Martin's local Function band. I am hoping to work with Lucy allot more in the future. she is a founder of Electric Apple There a local creative skills agency quotting them they provide a unique selection of professional musicians, entertainers, workshop leaders, and event specialists. CHECK THEM OUT HighRes-Lucy-TimChurchill (34 of 47) HighRes-Lucy-TimChurchill (47 of 47) HighRes-Lucy-TimChurchill (12 of 47) one other rabble ive been shooting is the lovely girls @ DRG rollerderby, Dorsets finnest may i add These girls have going for a year now and going strong..........I have a new shoot with them in the pipeline so watch this space -Rderby-TimChurchill-10 Rderby-TimChurchill-4 -Rderby-TimChurchill-17 Rderby-TimChurchill-33 Rderby-TimChurchill-19 -Rderby-TimChurchill-16

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