Sunday, 17 August 2008

Summer METAL all dayer @ Mr C's

I turned up at this gig thinking i was early on a friday at 4pm. to find the second band already on and everyone looking tipsy already. haha so then it dawned on me people were here from 1pm-2pm. alls good i thought, i still had a fair few drinking hours to go.

The lighting wasnt too good but i as there is a white cieling - flashgun it was. as i had to free up my drinking arm i had the flash mounted :-P

Mr C's_40 copyres
Mr C's_49 copyres
The Argent Dawn
Mr C's_18 copyres
The argent dawn

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Blog to replace the myspace

time has come for me where i havnt been updating my old blog on myspace and i thought i would create one here for ease really :D

so ya....... heres a recent photo i thought i might add from a random shoot last week w/ryan
so here you u go - first blog for Tim :D Hi :D

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