Tuesday, 22 August 2017

UK Wedding Photographer - My Summer so far

I have had a very busy Summer & Unfortunately i haven't been able to blog each of my weddings :-( also i really suck and writing so its probably for the best :). Here are a some of my fave images from the past few amazing Weddings I have had the pleasure to photograph.  photo sherborn abbey 2 of 4_zpsxtgtqaip.jpg  photo 1C5A7563_zpsdopyuqxu.jpg  photo JutBex 1 of 1_zpsrh0nosko.jpg  photo Jutbex 1 of 1-15_zpsiju36jwm.jpg  photo Jutbex 1 of 1-13_zpsuhhopwtj.jpg  photo Jutbex 1 of 1-8_zpsq5jtecjy.jpg  photo CasDave 1 of 1 1_zpsyjj58iqw.jpg  photo CasDave 1 of 1-11_zpsgzeoxhpj.jpg  photo CasDave 1 of 1 5_zpsinvs2lmt.jpg  photo Jutbex 1 of 1-8_zpsq5jtecjy.jpg  photo keepers17hayleigh 1 of 1-11_zpsc2fzzfj8.jpg  photo keepers17hayleigh 1 of 1-13_zps7kue3rci.jpg  photo keepers17hayleigh 1 of 1-16_zpsamm9tads.jpg  photo CasDave 1 of 1-11_zpsgzeoxhpj.jpg  photo keepers17hayleigh 1 of 1-9_zpsvzdhhjo2.jpg  photo keepers17hayleigh 1 of 1-2_zpsemhxwcgk.jpg  photo IMG_2598_zpsuobeue4p.jpg  photo 1C5A2676_zpsnbqmcap3.jpg  photo IMG_3221_zpsxzriiedb.jpg  photo IMG_3266_zpsjtfzhcnj.jpg  photo AJDansshow 1 of 21_zpsllsuwhqm.jpg  photo AJDansshow 20 of 21_zps1lzj0jdw.jpg  photo AJDansshow 7 of 8_zps8yg9vvhd.jpg  photo keepersMark-1_zpsxjgvgnhy.jpg  photo IMG_7340_zpstkazepen.jpg  photo 1C5A9037_zpsijuxpu4t.jpg  photo IMG_7471_zpsiuiadpqx.jpg  photo IMG_7755_zpsj4x11ogx.jpg  photo IMG_7781_zpsqebxtkkq.jpg  photo 1C5A9383_zps0genyo0x.jpg  photo 1-1-2_zpso5dfyc1z.jpg  photo 1-8_zpsiug2lsrs.jpg  photo 1-10_zpss9objzoo.jpg  photo 1-2-2_zpsykzi09wc.jpg  photo 1-3-2_zpsutkuqzvg.jpg

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