Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Canford School Dorset Wedding Photography

I wrote my first blog post for a while last week of one of many weddings iv been lucky enough to photograph this year... I got a couple of hits on my last blog post so there IS ppl who like looking at this so i thought i would post another from a wedding i have recently edited........of late i have hardly had a spare minute to my name, working two jobs with the rest of my spare time i have spent depressing over the state of my only other hobby....... Tottenham so cheer me up and look at a this wedding iv attended as a photographer :D Canford School is an awesome wedding venue.... i photographed my first wedding just next door at the church :-) IMG_9892-2 IMG_9266 IMG_7033 IMG_7503 IMG_9810-2 IMG_9843-2 IMG_0015-2 PLEASE dont leave greg alone with cake,......or bacon IMG_7338

Friday, 22 November 2013

Dorset wedding photography at Sandbanks

My Blog has been neglected of late mainly due to not having any time to do one :) with only uploading preview photos to facebook i miss putting a few of my faves up online after i do all the editing. so this is Samantha & Paul's wedding it was a lovely service in Westbourne, the reception was beach themed and held at the Jazz cafe, Sandbanks


Like allot of weddings........the little ones try to steal the show

IMG_0154 IMG_0067

but as ever the bride and groom steal it straight back

IMG_0158 IMG_0871

After the service we stopped for some photos on evening hill to let the party catch up n get to the drinks at the Jazz Cafe

IMG_0247 IMG_0042

I dont usualy post up group photos but i thought i would be different today. I love trying to get these done as soon as possible at weddings so the Bride & Groom can get back to drinking and socializing :-) or is it so i can get back to drinking and socializing..errm

IMG_0220 IMG_0271

aaaaaah the cliche bride carry.......... when asked.....i dont mind a bit of cheese :-) im there to please


After the group shots i got ambushed


Time for food


Then a lil dance


As the sun went down we went over the road to take some photos of the awesome evening sky

IMG_1736 IMG_0016-2

Dont forget , if Greg Thurtle is ever working with you......make sure u keep him on a short lead


First Dance then Partayyy

IMG_0248 IMG_0500 IMG_0556 IMG_0710 IMG_0369

air geeeetar

IMG_0683 IMG_0428 IMG_0354

Finishing off the night with some sky lanterns! very windy ......very very windy sky lanterns!

IMG_0177 IMG_0140 3

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