Monday, 18 December 2017

Cumberland Hotel Bournemouth Wedding Photographer. Andy & Lydia

As I have mentioned before one of the highlights of my job is photographing friends weddings. I have known Andy for near on 9 years & I was honored for him to ask me to shoot his movie themed wedding. Highlights for me for this wedding had to be the flower girls flowers & the Groomsmens corsage's there was great detail and effort put in all throughout the day. Congrats Andy & Lydia your day was super fun, Thanks for the invite to stay for a drink both Me & Greg enjoyed the Whiskey afterwards :):):)

It was great working with Sally & Mel .

Sally @ Blushing Brides Wedding Hairstyling & Make Up

Mel Tilsed @ Bournemouth Briday Hair & Make Up

 photo andybagKeepers-1_zpsoejaktk5.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-2_zps7ockhsur.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-3_zpshv7ennfe.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-4_zpsaws8wbwm.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-7_zpsp2baqlrn.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-8_zps0vsn2l9k.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-10_zps0n4sysvl.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-11_zpsk3lonbdg.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-9_zpsn3clhn8f.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-12_zps7xtjv64c.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-13_zpskvk838n0.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-14_zpskyvekpgk.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-15_zpsxxanhktp.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-17_zps1rg1rj1g.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-19_zps0zsquchk.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-22_zpscvuwo99m.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-23_zpsntqyjgwr.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-24_zpsinlpfbya.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-25_zpsnusjeydu.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-26_zpstcfoir8t.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-30_zpsch7vrqk5.jpg

 photo andybagKeepers-1-34_zpswnosfcwu.jpg

Thanks to Greg again for second shooting for me.........and thanks to the Cumberland Staff for being mega awesome all day. I love this venue :)

 photo andybagKeepers-1-28_zpsup2fz122.jpg

Monday, 11 December 2017

Halloween Themed Wedding // Nightmare on Gardner St // Brighton Pavilion Wedding Photography

I went to Brighton for my last wedding of the year, And what a wedding it was. The photos speak for themselves. Congrats to Emma & Gareth you both gave me the perfect orders to shoot this wedding. Fly on the wall and dont forget to enjoy yourself. The Music was fantastic as well as the food and Company, you have some truly awesome friends. Just to note the Vegan cake was lush :o)

I would like to say thank you to all my friends and family who have helped my business grow over the past year. I am lucky enough to know such awesome people who recommend me to there friends and family. This year saw me go Full Time for the first time. This lasted exactly 12 Months, I couldnt squeeze out the 5 month Winter gap with no Weddings until late March 2018. But I am focused on next year and hopefully i can go for longer next time. Roll on 2018

For the camera geeks. I shot the wides with my Olympus em1mkii (12-40 2.8) and the rest with my 5diii 85mm 1.4

 photo 23004427_10155593771245907_4705803293664117545_o_zpsyjcbelef.jpg

 photo PA316850_zpsotlchnxf.jpg

 photo IMG_6344_zpsgtfpee40.jpg

 photo IMG_6362_zpsn4fjybri.jpg

 photo IMG_6382_zpseerphami.jpg

 photo IMG_6431_zps6gv7ymxw.jpg

 photo 23004772_10155593769300907_1645397758699144953_o_zpsw6rqqazr.jpg

 photo 23130820_10155593768600907_4326209150839997927_n_zpsgzhu6c9f.jpg

 photo PA315384_zpsmahxgpwq.jpg

 photo PA315386_zps3dhc9x1g.jpg

 photo IMG_6449_zpsskyawyif.jpg

 photo PA315503_zpsxawjhph8.jpg

 photo PA315538_zpshc0znpeq.jpg

 photo IMG_6659_zpsemvwczsm.jpg

 photo PA315673_zpswpprw0f8.jpg

 photo PA315705_zpsyhkad1lu.jpg

 photo PA315706_zpswkgh4rwq.jpg

 photo 23215596_10155593767135907_8888165809861604153_o_zpsvrqpeuci.jpg

 photo PA315721_zpszy5qxgrm.jpg

 photo IMG_6778_zpsmtgl0ydd.jpg

 photo IMG_6823_zpsno5nzthx.jpg

 photo IMG_6856_zpsqn77bigp.jpg

 photo PA315835_zps0jncrj3s.jpg

What wedding isnt complete without a Lego store visit!

 photo PA315888_zpskjdzo1xy.jpg

 photo PA315909_zpsrjech70b.jpg

 photo PA316039_zpsjbp16ec1.jpg

 photo PA316048_zpsyiagx9qd.jpg

 photo IMG_6970_zpszh1v7mfb.jpg

 photo PA316084_zpsifcehvch.jpg

 photo PA316180_zpsykilxpd3.jpg

 photo 23004399_10155593771445907_4314013701595710482_o_zpsgddnjpyi.jpg
 photo 23004701_10155593772155907_8833860715986130428_o_zpsryytmq2i.jpg

 photo PA316735_zps8z50rsov.jpg

 photo PA316744_zpsoljfgkys.jpg

 photo 23000035_10155593765315907_4075082330977338653_o_zpslrnbybrl.jpg

 photo 23157011_10155593766330907_5051012196471670532_o_zpsg2sxvvxk.jpg
 photo 23000272_10155593766525907_8193844920283909074_o_zps9xstxmai.jpg
 photo 23000263_10155593770540907_302153169064822142_o_zpsxlqygnoi.jpg

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