Friday, 2 December 2011

Hannah & Ben

Having not posted recently i thought ill blog up a recent wedding.with alllloottta photos...its been tough trying to find spare time to do anything other than edit the last few months. As this has been my first busy year with a fair fes weddings shot im really happy i kept all my clients up to date and recieving there images within on time :-) At this lovely wedding i had sir Greg of Thurtle second shooting with me. Tis always a laugh with greg. soo less with the words n more with the photo's Lets start with my FAVE pic of the day :o) bloguse and back to the begining of the day Shooooes bloguse This i believe was Hannahs grandma's watch bloguse Bridesmaids dress's bloguse Hair done? bloguse Make up done.......smiles......or nerves? bloguse Dress Time bloguse Tighing things up DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-159 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-214 "now are you sure want to marry him?" DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-224 I love grabbing a quick pic of both the bride and groom just before the service......... DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-237 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-255 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-264 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-295 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-334 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-355 The doves was a lovely surprise to the bride and groom...organised by the parents DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-369 DO-NOT-PRINTHannah&Ben-TimChurchill-402 This was a lovely confetti throw but i believe gregs capture from above the stairs nailed the emotion bloguse well done sir greg photo credit : Not my photo -- BLOG USE -- credit Greg Thurtle Speach tiiiime bloguse dont be too worried Hannah bloguse ok now maybe be worried bloguse bloguse The venue was STUNNING! gotta love the west countryyy bloguse As it was freeeezing earlier we cut short some groups and finnished them off indoors before the evening do bloguse Cakeee noms bloguse and then a well rehersed dance bloguse bloguse bloguse

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