Friday, 24 July 2015

Amanda & Jay @ Wilkswood Wedding venue near Swanage

Amanda & Jays wedding was at the amazing Wilkswood Wedding venue which is situated in between Wareham & Swanage in Dorset UK.  photo AmandaJaySelectsweb-39_zpsb9t1yltf.jpg

I have known Amanda since i was veeeeery small and it was a pleasure to be asked to photograph both her & Jay on their special day. The sun was shining all day which made my day as you cant beat a sunny wedding!

 photo AmandaJaySelectsweb-37_zpsw6lf6z3i.jpg

Bridal prep was very very chilled out that i think they forgot about the current time :D

 photo 1_zpsxdmg69tu.jpg  photo 12_zpstihh0zce.jpg  photo AmandaJaySelectsweb-8_zpsjlzwzjek.jpg

It was the first time i have photographed a sand ceramony....the globe will look lovely on the fireplace holding great memorys from the day

 photo 4_zps2mzcwsik.jpg  photo 3_zpstbygoofs.jpg  photo 5_zps7wgqcucp.jpg

The two Mercedes looked lovely in the sun

 photo 7_zpsbjw2x3z3.jpg  photo 6_zps5diwafki.jpg  photo AmandaJaySelectsweb-22_zpsazeh6qcb.jpg

How awesome is that cake :-)

 photo 9_zpsg1gp68hw.jpg  photo AmandaJaySelectsweb-42_zpszfgodp0r.jpg

I was massively surprised when after the speaches I was given a birthday cake, Big thanks Amanda & Jay..... i should book more weddings on my bday. Cake!!!

 photo 14_zpsuesp3vmd.jpg Big thanks to Kris Oddy for second shooting with me, your a legend sir

Friday, 3 July 2015

Paul & Emma

I had the pleasure to photograph Paul & Emma's special day at the amazing venue Bury court which is near Bentley in Surrey the staff were fantastic and helped us out as much as they could. Big thanks to Kris Oddy for second shooting with me. Here are some of my favorite images from the day  photo IMG_4497_zpsqzgrtff3.jpg  photo IMG_4329_zpskvurapku.jpg The Father of the bride awaits....  photo IMG_4336_zpsiezqdr8o.jpg  photo IMG_4382_zpsmafod0r9.jpg The private room used for bridal prep at the venue was stunning  photo IMG_4355_zpse9gjiqrd.jpg  photo IMG_4385-2_zpsxauv7djt.jpg  photo IMG_4385_zpsd2l0vyku.jpg  photo IMG_4390_zpsfazvxapb.jpg  photo IMG_4440_zps6eex29ci.jpg  photo IMG_4423-2_zpsqu8ukxpi.jpg  photo IMG_4553_zpsjkaoks70.jpg  photo IMG_4762_zpspmlzcqcx.jpg  photo IMG_4972_zpsif73vpwh.jpg  photo IMG_5120_zpstk8ky0ys.jpg  photo IMG_5139_zpsxmnlwlgz.jpg  photo IMG_5164_zps09f6n1c3.jpg  photo IMG_5049_zpsvidtgnck.jpg  photo IMG_4961_zpsksfszs5g.jpg  photo IMG_4780_zpszb3bpbu2.jpg  photo IMG_5014_zpsc76xldmw.jpg a bit of fun.........  photo IMG_4799_zps3y9par5w.jpg bit of a behind the scenes one :-)  photo IMG_4764_zpstye9xbbd.jpg

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Annes & Roxy Poole Guildhall & Moors Valley Winter Wedding

Photographing a mates wedding is always fun, The cider and laughs were flowing throughout the day! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day guys. here are some of my faves  photo pottswebtIm1of1-30_zps1b1c465a.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-10_zps75e0301d.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-8_zpsb2033fa4.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-11_zps96f450c4.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-7_zps2064c4f7.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-17_zps3021de2e.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-19_zpsd057aca7.jpg  photo pottswebtIm1of1-24_zpsae8e4fce.jpg  photo IMG_7173_zps49106b3f.jpg  photo IMG_3346_zps1790d657.jpg  photo IMG_3256_zps6bcc9d14.jpg  photo IMG_3532_zps8fc93229.jpg  photo IMG_3498_zpsd031103d.jpg

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