Monday, 17 January 2011

King Bong - Bournemouth - Refurb Shoot

On Saturday saw me do a shoot for KingBong's new refurb at the triangle in Bournemouth. They got an airbrush artist in who done some stunning work. CHECK THIS GUY OUT. he has some skills. theres a video of him working on this page on his site atm. The hendrix work inside is pretty damn impressive. ill upload some more latter on once there done :-)

King Bong Bournemouth

King Bong Bournemouth

King Bong Bournemouth

King Bong Bournemouth

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Long time no speak........

It has been far too long since i had posted on this blog.......iv always got to remember to write on this thing. As my last post was the USA trip which was a few months ago you would think i had allot to write about. since iv recovered iv shot two winter weddings towards the end of 2010 and now in 2011 i have a FULL schedual of weddings so from April onwards this blog shall be busy busy once again.......

in the mean time. heres a few images from my past few months. more to come in the coming months as ill get back to writing about each of my projects :-)

Irina & Lorenzo Nov 2010, a winter London wedding. such a lovely day. big thanks to Greg for 2nd shooting on this one!
Irina & Lorenzo

Congratts Sammy & Joe Dec 2010!
Sammy & joe
Sammy & Joe
Give this man a knighthood! Sir Gordon of Bournemouth

Bournemouth's gordon "the tramp" @ my last wedding

This was a lovely shoot i done for a friends auction. Carina & Stu won so they had to put up with me in the cold sorry guys! :D

Carina & Stu

FuryBorn! dont let the name fool you....these are dorsets very on answer to the whurzhels


Nirvana tribute came down to Kyps in Poole too. so heres the drummer for 'Nervana' defo recomend seeing these guys!Nervana

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