Friday, 28 March 2014

Rhinefield house hotel Wedding Stella & Si Jenkins Part one

I am really rubbish at picking tooo many photos to upload here, i can never choose and this time i chose far to many for this blog as per, so may end up being in two parts. I have made a kind of new years resolution that with every wedding i photograph this year i will create a blog post. Most of my weddings in the past have been on Facebook and we all know the quality just isnt there with there uploads. Anywho enough of my ramblings, here is Stella & Si with there awesome day at Rhinefield house hotel. This is an awesome part of the Forrest in the middle of nowhere :) well Lyndhurst & Christchurch i guess.....yeh middle of nowhere 3 2 1 credit-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-2 (2) 5 6 IMG_0905 visitsite

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