Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A small wedding trip to Finland

Ever since i have started photographing weddings i havnt been one to shy away from a chance to travel a bit. so i have covered a few weddings up north....a few in London. and a fair few in the dark depths of the west country but then came along Mira & Phil. I was actually covering a wedding at the time we met and we got talking at the bar (surprise surprise, me at a bar at a wedding i know :-) anywho. We got along a treat and i was lucky enough to be a part of such a special weekend.... I can honestly say i haven't had much interest in ever visiting Finland before this trip and i can honestly say theres no way im not going back there. I absolutely loved the place. Beautiful is an understatement. I could tell so many stories about this weekend but i just thought i would let the photos do the talking and mayb do 2 posts on this trip. equipment wise i went out with two cameras a couple of lens and a couple of flash guns (light packing for me) everything ran so smoothly for the whole weekend. well, with free alcohol what wedding doesn't run smoothly?! haha my first evening in Finland i went for a wonder down the path to see the local lake.... Bridal prep riverside in a log cabin in beautiful weather......hard life hay :-) Service done now off to the reception And now for some portraits in the immediate surroundings.... Speeches :-) Now to party and dance There is lots i have left out of this blog. Ill be uploading a part two at somepoint with random images from the weekend. i could have uploaded 100s to this page but believe it or not i held back so i do overload you with too many images haha anywho....ill Finnish off with a bit of sun . bud dum tish

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