Friday, 16 September 2011

Lianne & Jon Part Deux II

So after the fun n frollics at bridal prep Lianne popped on down to Parley Manor to get Married..............

So heres some photos from throughout the rest of the day

The weather held out lovely....not a hint of rain which was fantastic considoring it had been recently

The Car arrives

The Bride, Car & Dad

The wait........

Lianne for blog

aaah why not seal it with a kiss

Smiles straight after


aaah the standard parley big group shoot

n me testing out the roofs weight limit, ta for the pic greg. obv i didnt take this one haha


BIG up mr greg thurtle on helping me out he can be found here

aaaaaah its a bit of a close up that one so heres one of me to make up for it

damn im fine

liannee blog

n now for more photo time.........i couldnt choose what portraits to put up so theres bloody loads.........soz if ya have to wait for them to pop up on the screen haha




n theres always one set of drunks.........(its always the same ppl) hint hint tom n emma


Speeeeaches after fooood



Best Man




N more noms


and then a social drink with friends


I always love getting a quick photo at sunset of the couple. it seperates the meal and evening party nicely. plus the light is much more fun to work with.
23lianneblog-TimChurchill (1 of 1)
On this occation it was a perfect chance to have a quick first dance practice

22lianneblog-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-2Final

25lianneblog-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-3


24lianneblog-TimChurchill (1 of 1)-2

and then they danced for real for all to see!




ewww leave it out guys


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lianne & Jon Part I

Getting back from my holiday im straight back into editing mode. Instead of putting up a full wedding preview i thought with Lianne & Jon's Day i would put it up in heres the drama at the Brides mum's house :o)

Lianne BlogUse

Lianne BlogUse2

Lianne BlogUse

Dress :-)
Lianne BlogUse

With the makeup done i love getting a nice headshot

Lianne BlogUse

Now the girls are ready its time for a photo just before the bride gets into her dress :o)...n im kicked outa the room

Lianne BlogUse
Ahhhh back into the room now n you can seethe detail in the dress was fantastic you can really see it here when the girls were fastening up:)

Lianne BlogUse

Nerves set in yet lianne? lets sort them out earings out
Lianne BlogUse

Just the necklass now

Lianne BlogUse

Final touches now

Lianne BlogUse

Lianne BlogUse

So with the mad rush over we have a final pic, Next Blog will be the rest of the sunny day @ Parley Manor, Bournemouth
Lianne BlogUse

oh and why not a preview for part 2

Lianne for blog

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Liv & Ben

Today i went to the park........n found these randoms..............thought i best take a couple of pics.

well not really...... Liv is off to Uni this weekend so she thought she would bribe me with cider to take photos of her n her fella. so heres three quick grabs :o)

More of my work can be found here

Liv Blog

Liv Blog

Liv Blog

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