Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Parley Manor Dorset Wedding Photographer // Sally & Phil

Parley Manor near hurn in Bournemouth is a stunning venue. It is very dependent on weather due to mainly being an outdoor venue. with only the option of the Marquee if the weather turns. Luckily for me every Parley Manor wedding i have done the weather has been perfect.....uh oh now thats tempted fate for 2016 cue the rain
 photo sally-1-28_zpsoh76pgyu.jpg
 photo sally-1_zpsdm67a3dc.jpg
help from mum
 photo sally-1-3_zpsdghqw9eg.jpg  photo sally-1-2_zpssghrhbpt.jpg
I love the little room where Sally had to wait before the walk down the gardens to get married. the light in there is lovely
 photo sally-1-4_zpsxslo0ajb.jpg  photo sally-1-5_zpsxs11opho.jpg  photo sally-1-6_zpsdhmp3usf.jpg  photo sally-1-7_zpsg7uthkil.jpg
the best moments for photos come in between the set up shots for sure :D
 photo sally-1-10_zpss4v48xmr.jpg  photo sally-1-11_zpsfuewzgd4.jpg  photo sally-1-12_zpsvc14ni6m.jpg  photo sally-1-13_zpsecrxbcpk.jpg  photo sally-1-14_zps36ocp2z5.jpg  photo sally-1-16_zps0fbad3ch.jpg  photo sally-1-17_zpstn6pddkn.jpg
I dont usually blog group photos but to prove i do photograph them :D
 photo sally-1-18_zps7mr8edhm.jpg  photo sally-1-19_zpsn6ehktnj.jpg  photo sally-1-22_zpscjm3kvsl.jpg  photo sally-1-23_zpswcluqgg2.jpg
A BIG thanks to Kris Oddy for second shooting for me again with this one. here is an example why i love shooting with another photographer. mainly because i missed this shot. Kudos Kris!
 photo sally-1-37_zpsdscwmuov.jpg  photo sally-1-27_zpsmycvy1d8.jpg  photo sally-1-29_zpseiheyler.jpg  photo sally-1-30_zpsnpilehpe.jpg
Big congratulations to Sally & Phil. Thanks for letting me photograph your awesome day!
 photo sally-1-33_zpsgzw8zrjs.jpg  photo sally-1-34_zpsxe8hx3sh.jpg
What is a wedding without some silly photos of the photographers being professional
 photo sally-1-25_zpstuyh3drw.jpg  photo sally-1-24_zpsltqc8mdn.jpg  photo sally-1-35_zpsid3hoy0i.jpg  photo sally-1-36_zpsvb3hmmum.jpg  photo sally-1-20_zpst5sgqnuz.jpg

Monday, 4 January 2016

Dorset Wedding Photographer at Honeybrook Farm // Lauren & Dave

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One of my latter weddings in 2015 saw me head to Honeybrook farm which is in between Wimborne & Cranborne in Dorset. I have photographed here a few times before. I love this venue because there are so many spots for images. who am i kidding......I just love running after the ducks and looking at the pigs
Congrats to Lauren & Dave Bloom on their special day. Thanks for letting me capture your day.
 photo Lauren-1-28_zps6z08aj2q.jpg  photo Lauren-1-18_zps2ous8tll.jpg  photo Lauren-1_zpskoeiwjkk.jpg
Very Well behaved Flowergirls
 photo Lauren-1-5_zpsmvifg292.jpg  photo Lauren-1-7_zpsc61cxvut.jpg
Last few words of encouragement maybe? :D
 photo Lauren-1-8_zpswfpe2452.jpg
Father and the Bride, I love capturing this moment just before the service between father and daughter. I do like getting the candid natual shots but you cant beat a couple of shots looking at the camera :)
 photo Lauren-1-10_zpsn2kfchys.jpg
lovely moment during the service
 photo Lauren-1-11_zpskfdka06r.jpg  photo Lauren-1-12_zps2c3xxujs.jpg  photo Lauren-1-16_zpsq7klaprk.jpg  photo Lauren-1-20_zpshthqlrog.jpg
Some guests waiting for the bus. i mean waiting for the food
 photo Lauren-1-23_zpsvrji5pnx.jpg
sooooooo much to photograph at Honeybrook Farm
 photo Lauren-1-25_zpsmvhvjvxl.jpg  photo Lauren-1-29_zpswzkt1w20.jpg  photo Lauren-1-31_zpsi7vrmbni.jpg  photo Lauren-1-34_zpsi9hflkxp.jpg  photo Lauren-1-36_zps3omys8zo.jpg  photo Lauren-1-19_zps3mqvdxbv.jpg  photo Lauren-1-21_zpsbwchyjgw.jpg
The small and big kids loved the outdoor trampoline
 photo Lauren-1-40_zpsdbor4oyr.jpg  photo Lauren-1-41_zpspllvcgmo.jpg  photo Lauren-1-44_zpsl9kzhhfd.jpg  photo Lauren-1-17_zpsbezjbenh.jpg
Biiiiiig Thanks to Kris Oddy for second shooting for me as well!!
unfortunately the photo i took of you is a bit dark :-) n not so weddingy. but the photos you took of me are amazing XD
 photo Lauren-1-43_zpszw8ob6gv.jpg  photo Lauren-1-45_zps4tx14jty.jpg  photo Lauren-1-46_zpsqnlyzawv.jpg

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