Thursday, 23 June 2016

Osea Island Wedding Photography Claire & Andrew

When i Spoke to Claire & Andrew about their day they were both grinning ear to ear about the ideas they had for all of the guests for the whole weekend which was lovely to see, Both Claire & Andrew were very laid back with there approach to how they wanted the weekend covered photography wise which was right up my street. I had previously covered both of Claire's brothers weddings so she let me do my thing which is fantastic.
 photo IMG_2469_zpst9dcrmo3.jpg

So here is my Blog about An awesome weekend i spent on Osea Island. We arrived on the friday to catch the tidal road over to the island.
 photo claire-1_zpsnnjyvmds.jpg
That evening we had a BBQ to settle in
 photo claire-1-2_zps7hyaconf.jpg
We all had a couple of shandys and before we knew it Saturday was here and it was Wedding time. So off i went to do some bridal prep :-)First i found some bridesmaids
 photo claire-1-5_zpshn8m8igt.jpg  photo claire-1-6_zps1p3z0or1.jpg
& Then i found the wonderful bride
 photo claire-1-7_zps6qimsi7g.jpg
and her minions!
 photo claire-1-8_zps2qjmbpoa.jpg  photo claire-1-10_zpsbo29bjcp.jpg
It turns out Andrew can write a lovely letter :-)
 photo claire-1-13_zps9ge87k0s.jpg  photo claire-1-16_zpsm1ixmrkf.jpg
And Claire can draw a lovely picture
 photo claire-1-12_zps70s9ngzb.jpg  photo claire-1-17_zpscvmcyzfu.jpg
The lil ones tried to steal the show though

 photo claire-1-19_zpsh1fpeoc0.jpg  photo claire-1-18_zpslrfolpj6.jpg  photo claire-1-20_zpsdsy4subu.jpg  photo claire-1-22_zps2oqnpitz.jpg
 photo claire-1-23_zpswtwmqojd.jpg

   The lil ones failed to steal the show :-) Claire looked fantastic!
 photo claire-1-24_zpsruraajp4.jpg  photo claire-1-26_zps27gundsb.jpg  photo claire-1-27_zpsrivk4cza.jpg  photo claire-1-28_zpsiydgsu1p.jpg  photo claire-1-29_zps1vfmub39.jpg  photo claire-1-31_zpswz68yzmu.jpg  photo claire-1-32_zpshozhf5yx.jpg  photo claire-1-33_zpsqa3shbiz.jpg  photo claire-1-34_zpswaqicf6g.jpg  photo claire-1-35_zpssrnlpuyd.jpg  photo claire-1-36_zpstumketsf.jpg  photo claire-1-37_zps3szlw6u4.jpg  photo claire-1-39_zpskzntivyw.jpg  photo claire-1-40_zpsjustlqzf.jpg  photo claire-1-42_zpsws8ibazh.jpg  photo claire-1-43_zpsovuydwfa.jpg  photo claire-1-46_zpsifld3gwz.jpg  photo claire-1-47_zpsisptw0va.jpg  photo claire-1-50_zpsecbfoemn.jpg  photo claire-1-51_zps8vnqvdrp.jpg  photo claire-1-53_zpsmpxtfqh9.jpg  photo claire-1-54_zpsve7aqbcw.jpg  photo claire-2_zps7zuqldad.jpg  photo claire-1-55_zpsu95mboi5.jpg  photo claire-1-56_zpsxas5gxef.jpg  photo claire-1-58_zpseuvhxltk.jpg  photo claire-4_zpszh86hlyh.jpg  photo claire-5_zpsvgbkauld.jpg  photo claire-6_zpsalfpp7um.jpg  photo claire-7_zps7dnrusme.jpg  photo claire-8_zpshrkgnxlf.jpg  photo IMG_4109_zpsh79v14xu.jpg  photo IMG_4166_zps7s6e16xv.jpg  photo IMG_1856_zpsrdbqsxbl.jpg  photo IMG_1924_zps9ds0fj3d.jpg  photo IMG_4287_zpsergwt1ks.jpg  photo IMG_2070_zpsrz0bvsqh.jpg  photo claire-10_zpsg9c23omt.jpg  photo claire-1-59_zpsrnyrmoig.jpg  photo claire-1-60_zps5a5npfb3.jpg  photo claire-1-61_zps1cywsqbr.jpg  photo claire-1-62_zpsrzkpqhhu.jpg 
Congrats to Claire & Andrew. It was a pleasure to photograph your day!!!   photo claire-11_zpshfyevifh.jpg

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